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About Monica

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Inspiring Growth with Authentic Guidance

As a professional coach with a passion for helping others, I am dedicated to supporting you. With expertise in mediation, investigation and conflict resolution, I excel in deep-listening and thought-provoking questioning. I look forward to helping you connect with your deeper self, create flow and embrace change in an accepting and empathetic space.

Work With Me

Inspire Change. Create Success.

During our complimentary call, I will provide a warm environment where you can freely express your hesitations and aspirations. Together, we will explore your current position and collaboratively uncover the path that leads you towards your desired destination.


Real Clients

I began working with Monica to address a persistent pattern and behaviour in my approach to work, which often left me feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Her curiosity regarding my word choices and her gentle follow-up questions ultimately led me to remarkable insights into the underlying reasons for my repeated behaviours. I was able to identify strategies to finally break free from this longstanding and frustrating issue. I highly recommend Monica as a life coach for anyone seeking genuine and lasting change.
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I sought Monica's help in dealing with two long-standing issues: body weight and fear of dating. Monica treated my concerns with great respect. She helped me to identify blocks within my thinking patterns and overcome them. She guided me towards resources, including a dietician, who provided effective plans to help deal with my weight issues. Monica's kindness, insight, and encouragement helped me move toward positive change. She is a gifted coach; the Habs should hire her - they would make the playoffs with her guidance!
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Before I suffered from mental & physical burnout, and couldn't figure out a first step toward healing. Monica helped me rebalance and clarify my motivation. With her guidance and support, I was able to realign with my goals and work toward success. I feel much more confident and capable of handling the stress of life. She asks questions that make you think outside your comfort zone and imagine other paradigms. Her gentle yet firm approach allowed me to reshape my perceptions, opening my eyes to new realms of possibility.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A life coach serves as a personal trainer for your mind, guiding you toward personal growth and development. By offering an external perspective, a skilled coach helps you broaden your understanding and expand your perspective. With their support, you gain valuable mental skills and emotional strengths that go beyond what you could achieve on your own.

While therapy typically centres around the past, potentially involves clinical diagnoses, and addresses thoughts, feelings, and experiences, coaching similarly addresses these aspects but with a primary emphasis on your future. Coaching aims to assist you in achieving results swiftly, providing support for accelerated progress.

Coaching is a transformative experience where deep listening, thought-provoking questioning, and diverse therapeutic methods converge. During our sessions, I create a safe, non-judgmental space. Under my guidance, you will explore and discover, gain clarity, and confidence.

Life coaching benefits both individuals and corporations by providing personalized guidance and support. For individuals, coaches empower personal growth, improve relationships, and foster clarity and purpose. In corporations, coaches enhance leadership development, communication, and team dynamics, while promoting employee well-being and professional skills. Life coaching unlocks untapped potential, drives success, and facilitates lasting positive change for individuals and organizations alike.

Finding the right life coach involves considering various factors. Look for coaches with relevant certifications, experience, and a coaching style that resonates with you. It can be helpful to have an initial consultation or discovery session to assess the compatibility and determine if the coach’s expertise aligns with your needs and goals.

Yes, confidentiality is an essential aspect of the life coaching relationship. Coaches adhere to strict professional ethics and maintain client confidentiality. Your personal information, conversations, and progress will be kept confidential unless there is a legal obligation or an explicit consent given by you to share specific information.

The duration of the life coaching process can vary depending on individual needs and goals. Typically, clients engage in regular coaching sessions, often scheduled weekly or bi-weekly, to ensure consistent progress and momentum. Different packages are available based on your interests.

Individual sessions

45 Minute Session= 75$ CAD
60 Minute Session= 100$ CAD
90 Minute Session= 150$ CAD

Package Deals (60 minutes)

3 Sessions=270$ CAD (10$ CAD off per session)
5 Sessions= 425$ CAD (15$ CAD off per session)
10 Sessions= 800$ CAD (20$ CAD off per session)

3-session Package: Basic Life Problem Solver (270$ CAD)
Are you facing a basic life problem that’s been holding you back? The 3-session package is designed to provide you with targeted support. In three sessions, we’ll work closely together to identify the root cause of your challenge, develop actionable strategies, and equip you with the tools you need to navigate through it. Get ready to break free from limitations and unlock your true potential.

5-Session Package: Navigate Complex Challenges (425$ CAD)
Sometimes life throws us curve balls that require deeper exploration. The 5-session package is ideal for individuals dealing with more intricate problems. Over the course of five empowering sessions, we’ll delve into the complexities you’re facing, analyze the underlying patterns, and develop tailored solutions.

10-Class Package: Transform and Revamp Your Life (800$ CAD)
Ready for a complete life transformation? The 10-session package is designed for those seeking a comprehensive revamp of their lives. Whether you’re feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or yearning for significant change, this package offers the depth and support needed to redefine your path. We will explore all aspects of your life, identify limiting beliefs and habits, set ambitious goals, and craft a personalized roadmap for success.

Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Life Purpose

Find clarity and confidence to create meaningful change while nurturing your relationships and living a meaningful life. Schedule your free session now. Taking this empowering step forward will leave a lasting impact, and your future self will gratefully reap the rewards.

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